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Physio Student Anatomy Exam Revision

Anatomy Fast Track ®

The World's Most Efficient Study
& Reference Aids for Anatomy 
Supporting the Medical Sciences:
Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Sports & Exercise Sciences,
Massage, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Personal Trainers, etc.


Anatomy Fast Track
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Anatomy Fast Track ®

E-Books in the Series

• The Concise Chart of Muscles

• Getting on Your Nerves Part 1 & 2

• 'MSK Cards' for Musculoskeletal Assessment
• Shoulder Your Responsibility
• Elbow Grease 
• Helping Hand
• Don't be Spineless
• Total Hip
• Total Knee
• Ankle / Foot Support


The Concise Chart of Muscles

The video below shows you how much easier visual aids can make learning
and referencing complex medical facts. 
The Concise Chart provides instant visual access to facts relating to all
the main muscles of the body.

Ideal for anatomy exams - or a quick reference guide for your clinic wall.  
Video Provided by Emma Starling, BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy, MA (Hons), MCSP, HCPC.

This comprehensive muscle reference chart is the fastest visual reference of key muscle information available to date. An invaluable aid to both students and practitioners of Physiotherapy, Physical therapy, Medicine, Sports Science, Massage, Pilates, or any other health or exercise-related field; providing instant access to the key anatomical information for each major skeletal muscle.


The Concise Chart:


  • Illustrates Muscle Actions, Origins, Insertions & Innervation, at a glance.

  • Clarifies only the most relevant information.

  • Aids memory & referencing speed using colour & visual cues.

  • Excellent reference aid for clinical settings.

  • Faster exam revision.



Anatomy Fast Track ® is a Powerful Tool for Students

or Practising Clinicians

Speed up your reference & recall of essential Anatomical Facts. 

Absorb & Retain Information Much Faster!


New Visual, Kinesthetic & Auditory Memory Strategies to Optimise Learning.


Study Smarter - Not Harder!

Anatomy Fast Track is your secret weapon for speed!  You need  an  evidence-base with strong foundations.  Here you will be supported by optimal strategies to condense, simplify & make Anatomy more accessible.   Every illustration is carefully crafted for ease and speed of recall. 


You don't need to trawl through books to find relevant sections - everything is here - condensed into what is practically useful. Quick to navigate and presented in ways  to help you retain information.


In a fast paced clinical environment,  you can access facts instantly. Your knowledge will make all the difference in optimising your client's care. 

Anatomy Fast Track gives you the tools and confidence you need for success!

Anatomy Fast Track was founded by Specialist Physiotherapist & Illustrator, Emma Starling BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy, MA (Hons) Psychology, MCSP, HCPC.

Emma's published work includes medical illustrations in ‘Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Massage’ by Darien Pritchard, 2021.  Emma is also author of 'The Concise Chart of Muscles' in the series including Chris Jarmey's 'The Concise Book of Muscles’ with Lotus Publishing.  


“If you find yourself feeling lost or overwhelmed by learning Anatomy - this is the best place to start!


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