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About the Illustrator...

Emma is a Northumbrian Artist living near Hadrian's Wall, the ancient border with Scotland. Emma's Celtic heritage weaves through the fabric of her artwork, echoing her deep connection to the Highlands & Islands.


Emma grew up amongst the dramatic landscapes and open skies of the North, sometimes staying on a small Scottish Island with a quirky menagerie of animals and sometimes in the Lake District. 

Scottish Art

Island life could be exciting, especially when marooned by storms and unable to get to school; looking for messages in bottles, spending time with goats and getting post by helicopter!  Emma was inspired by the treasures of the Scottish coastline, often sketching from nature, even when the fearsome midges threatened her creativity!

Time living in the Lake District held it's own magic. From amusing school disasters like accidentally flooding the French room, to rescuing an injured Mallard Duck (named 'Sir Frances Drake') at the beautiful 'Fairy Glen' of Watendlath.

Emma's Scottish Island and Lake District adventures, alongside the animals she has loved, with their unique characters, often inspire her children's books.

From piloting Drones to creating beautiful Artwork, Emma considers her neurodivergence a gift, sparking her talent & enabling her to create beautiful work that is truly unique.


Emma is due to start a Masters course in Illustration in 2025.


If you want to hear more about Emma's adventures, see more artwork, or find out more about life as an Illustrator - maybe even practise your drawing in Emma's art classes - please sign up to Starling Post, Emma's Newsletter, ​below.

Emma's Blog

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