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Shop Gallery Pending...

Hello!  Thank you for Vising my Future Shop! 

Items Will Appear Here!








For now I'm busy learning some advanced techniques to make some beautiful illustrations to share my artwork on your favourite arty items and gifts here.

Hopefully you will share my love of
nature, shorelines and all things animals, as well as illustrated children's books, which all inspire my artwork.

There will be some pretty homemade items ready for you to buy soon! 


You can be reassured that I'm looking into all the most sustainable & planet-friendly ways to create products for you.  I'm on a mission to find high find quality materials that are beautiful but also durable - whilst being mindful of our delicate relationship with our precious natural world.

I'd love to share my journey and progress with you!  I'll be able to share some of the many things I've learnt on my adventures in becoming an Illustrator.  I'll be learning techniques I can help you with, whether you're a beginner or an advanced illustrator.

Please check back again down the line. You will find lots of Tutorials via Patreon for my illustration journey. I'll hope to have lots of useful info for anyone interested in illustrating, and plenty of interesting stories and goodies you can share! 

Children's Books

Buy Emma a Coffee or Donate, Here:

Exciting news that I've been awarded Arts Council England funding to help support me to develop my creative practice over the next year. This funding is allocated for some brilliant short illustration courses including at the University of the Arts London, CityLit, OrangeBeak and the Royal College of Art.

I'll also be developing as an author-illuistrator via my journey as a Pathways Mentee ('23-'24) on a course with Pop up Projects. PopUp particularly supports artists from minority backgrounds or with disabilities, helping to contribute to diversity in children's books. 

I'm due to start a Masters in Illustration in September 2024.

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Pathways Course Pop Up Projects
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