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Please note that images included here comprise a mixture of both Children's and Medical Illustration. 

Emma is currently developing her craft for Children's Illustration, including exploring mixed media approaches using traditional watercolour, alcohol ink and pastels; as well as using photography creatively, focusing on the use of light and texture for use in digital artwork.

A personal experimental piece based on a traditional folktale.  Mixed media composition including traditional watercolour paints on 140lbs cold pressed paper; digital layering and Adobe digital brushes i.e. opaque, calligraphic and texture ('Seurat').  Layering includes personal photography within the stone wall (image 'Lichen in Watendlath, Lake District,' 2022). 

The Young Dr. Doolittle

Detail of alternative rendering focusing on a character from the story 'The Bird of Whispers' within the Young Dr. Doolittle story above.

Bird Detail

Caspian was created for the 'Pathways into Publishing' application, as a twist on a traditional folktale ('The Tiger who Came toTea' by Judith Kerr).  Created with traditional watercolour paints on 140lbs cold pressed paper.  The image was scanned for adding digital painting using opaque, calligraphic and texture brushes. Includes personal photography ('Church Wall, Northumberland,' 2021) as an opaque overlay.

1. Application Brief - The Tiger Who Came to Tea.jpg

Following on from the above image, a series of illustrations were created around the story including 'Caspian Cuddles' below.

This image was created with watercolour pencils on paper, with detail work and additional texturing added digitally in Adobe applications.

Tiger Project



'Tiger' depicts Caspian after magically changing from a toy tiger into a real one. Watercolour pencil on cold pressed paper, scanned. Minor digital work added.


'Tiger Wink!' shows Caspian after unexpectedly changing back into a toy tiger again. Watercolour pencil on cold pressed paper, scanned. Digital texture and line work added. Rough image.

Transforming to a Toy Tiger!

Caspian is illustrated here as a close up with a wise and friendly expression. Watercolour paint on cold pressed paper, scanned with no digital alterations.

Smiling Tiger.jpg

Created fully digitally for a Christmas party for children in care. The popular theme 'Elf' was used (as reasonable use as used without cost and only for the children's party). All elements were individually drawn and coloured digitally utilising Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop both.

Elf Themed Certificate

Based on a personal Children's novel (written in 2008), this image depicts a rough front cover idea for the book. Completed by scanning a graphite pencil image into digital applications and using digital colouring with brushes and layering. The finished piece is planned as incorporating alcohol ink layers with metallic hues.

The Astronomer's Light

Additional detail of work for 'The Astronomer's Light' based on characters from the book. Scanned watercolour on paper scanned and digitally transformed to a black and white image.




'Harvey!' was created for a friend's birthday card. Graphite pencil on paper. Scanned.


Mixed media illustration - an experimental piece. The Goldfish is a watercolour image printed onto photography paper; scanned and altered slightly with brushes, digitally. The background is an experiment in digital texture using a limited number of different Adobe brushes.

Goldfish final.jpg



Digital illustration created for a friend's birthday using Adobe brushes and layering, with attention to movement and texture.


Experimental piece with mixed media, based on a children's book idea. The Phoenixes are traditional watercolour, scanned and altered slightly with digital brushes. The background is an experiment in digital texture utilising different digital brushes across different Adobe applications.

2. Phoenix Forest.JPG

Purely experimental, created as an exploration into repeating patterns. Formed with reference to live tulip studies. Digitally manipulated in Adobe Illustrator.

Tulips Design

Cumbria Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Allied Health Professionals Logo


Logo design entry for an NHS competition. Idea based on a local landmark, incorporating multiple symbolism. Now used as the Trust's AHP network logo on social media i.e. @CNTWAHP on Twitter.


Created as a book series (Currently Pre-Launch) to support Physiotherapy and Medical Students using novel illustrations to support memory: including recall strategies and simplification of complex information. Images all digitally created.

Nerves 2 Cover.jpg

Illustration for my Anatomy Fast Track book series drawn digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

Physio Spot.jpg

Illustration for my Anatomy Fast Track book series drawn digitally in Adobe Illustrator.


Illustration for my Anatomy Fast Track book series drawn digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

Neers Test for Impingement RGB.jpg

Medical Illustration for Darien Pritchard for his text book 'Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Massage' published in 2021.  Digitally painted in Adobe Illustrator.

JPEG Glenoid Labrum.jpg

Early illustration for my Anatomy Fast Track book series created digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

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